About Us

Crown Xpress Transport is a company that has been dedicated to innovation in transportation and logistic services and through the years has learned how to make our customers International and Domestic shipments easier, faster and more efficient.

We are committed to exceed our customers expectations in staying ahead in technology, communication, customer care and on time deliveries. For small or large shipments, we provide complete door to door service.


To attract, develop and preserve values talented people and committed to the company, share our quest for excellence, who are a credit to the organization and who are proud. Develop efficient administrative and operational processes with a clear focus on customer satisfaction continuously innovating our services to get strong links and durable. Work thinking in our society with a culture that reflects our commitment to the welfare and improvement of our families in our society.


To be the #1 International Transportation Company in All California and Baja California, the more efficient the most profitable and excellent, the most loved and respected by all our staff, suppliers and customers.



Always tell the truth. We consider lying, stealing, cheating all bad things, we do not tolerate even the smallest lie, we need to always act our best so we can gain your trust.


Trust is the basis of all relationships, All are employees are expected to act in a way that builds trust of those who work with our customers, suppliers and partners.


Meet our commitments, accountable for our actions, and if for reasons beyond our control prevent compliance with the promises inform those involved enough to create a strategy.


It is essential in all departments of the company, that means there should be communication from both directions, we listen as well as speak.


We respect everyone, not based on position title, gender, race, or religion, everyone’s point of view is important.


Always smile and be happy to help coworkers, customers and vendors giving them always that extra attention that distinguishes us.


We need to give it our all to better ourselves and to have an open mind to change if that will make us a better person.


No one can do everything alone, we depend on others and others depend on you. The set of these values by applying it to our daily lives.

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